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The South Orange Chamber of Commerce has been serving the South Orange Business Community for more than 25 years. The Chamber is a major contributor to the Village's economic prosperity and the well being of the community. Help us make South Orange an even better place to live, work and do business by becoming part of the South Orange Chamber. 

Dedicated and creative individuals working tirelessly year-round for a common goal makes the South Orange Chamber of Commerce a positive and progressive force. Chamber members acknowledge their differences and respect each other there's opinions so that progress is possible. Not only are many views represented, but they are also utilized to create the best possible end result of a program or project.

Always at the forefront of its efforts is the promotion of South Orange and its business and professional members. The Chamber believes that community events not only bring in business but create a sense of community for all so it considers the coordination of major events, such as the Christmas Tree Lighting and Halloween Children's Costume Parade, to be integral to its mission. 

A Better South Orange is Our Business!

Our Mission

To make business better, and in doing so, we make South Orange better. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

We want to encourage the South Orange community to support and engage with its businesses. We want South Orange Businesses to thrive!

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